20,000 mAh Solar-Powered Waterproof Travel Charger with Dual USB Outputs

Sachin Sahu

Keep your phone and other electronic devices fully charged at all times with this smart travel charger. Great for emergency situations, this reliable solar-powered phone charger allows you to power your devices even during extended blackouts. The charger’s compact handheld design makes it easy to carry along on any adventure. It can hang off a backpack with ease, and it has a waterproof and dustproof design perfect for use during camping, hiking, boating and other outdoor activities. A built-in flashlight with an emergency SOS function helps you find your way around in dark environments, or flag down other travelers in the event of an injury or accident. The device has dual USB outputs so you can charge two devices at once. A USB input allows you to charge the device’s internal battery from another power source whenever it has been stored in the dark and needs topping up.

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